As 2018 comes to an end many of us are thinking about filing and planning our taxes for this year and next. Tax planning can seem like a daunting task, our Attorneys at Oliver & Cheek can help you with understanding and navigating your unique tax situation. We are sharing some of the most common aspects of tax planning to help get you started. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact Oliver & Cheek, PLLC by calling (252) 633-1930 or visiting

Tax planning is assessing what your tax liabilities will be and creating a way to help reduce those liabilities. For example one of the most common ways to help reduce taxes is to invest in an IRA (independent retirement account). Investments made in an IRA are tax free until they are removed from the account. By contributing to an IRA you are deducting that contribution from your overall taxable income. Potentially putting yourself in a lower tax bracket, along with saving money for the future. With the right tax planning methods you can increase the future value of your portfolios. To get started schedule a consultation with Oliver & Cheek, PLLC. Our team of attorneys are well versed in all areas of state and federal tax law.

The attorneys at Oliver & Cheek, PLLC possess outstanding advocacy skills and a wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of state and federal tax law. If you’re planning for future needs, facing a tax challenge, or buying or selling real estate, we will partner with you to navigate and resolve even the most strenuous tax issues.